Why can’t I be like others?

I don’t fit in with people and all my life I believed that it’s because they don’t like me so why should I like them? But, the past few days I really felt like I was unwanted. The person I love is giving up on me because he says he doesn’t understand me, even though I try for him to understand me he still doesn’t. Am I really that hard to understand? I am literally tired and this one whole year I thought that this person knows who I am ends up giving up o me slowly. He is not as nice as before nor as sweet. I must have done something wrong, I said but when I asked, he said that I was abusive and a flirt to other guys. Is it really abusive just to ask for him to come to my house cause I miss him? Is it abusive to ask for a glass of water when I am feeling sick? I did what he wanted to. I tried to lower my stupid pride, but he pushes it too far and if I get jealous he says I am over-reacting and I just– I don’t know what to do. Whatever I say in this blog won’t change the fact that he is giving up on me.

(Edit: I never got to finish this cause I wrote it while crying and the feelings were too overwhelming that I just stopped typing and cried so much that I don’t have the courage to even write what I feel. I’m just literally done.)


2 thoughts on “Why can’t I be like others?”

  1. Hi. I read your blog and I get it that you’re in pain now. I don’t exactly know what to say for you to at least feel better, but you’ll be fine. Sometimes you have to get hurt to be strong. You can cry your heart out until no more tears will ever fall down. If he can’t put up to your flaws then he’s not worth it. You are precious in your own way. God made you precious so need to feel bad. Everything will be alright. Maybe not that instant, but eventually it will. Trust God. ☺ I’ll be really praying for you. So cheer up girl! ☺

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