The Little Girl (10.5?)


Riven was still in deep sleep. She started to dream…


After the friendly spar, they were both wounded. As the place started to gain light once more, the crowd only saw one figure left standing, and it was none other than Riven. Scars on her face yet it was a glorious victory for her. Sooner or later the members of the Crimson Elite will start to respect her rather than whispering behind her back. But; Riven thought that those who speak behind that back of hers are just going to be there, BEHIND her. As Katarina, who brought light to the middle of the battle field saw Talon who was down on the ground bruised, she started to snort. “Talon! Are you serious?” The red-head’s held-back laugh busted out unintentionally. Talon remained silent as he listened to Katarina’s laugh and added insults. He knew Katarina would act like that but since he also considered her as a sibling, he decided to say no more. As Talon pondered to himself, he felt a hand slowly grabbing the left side of his chest, and another on the right. It was Riven who helped him up carefully as if Talon was breakable.

“I’m fine.” Coldly his words felt but Riven continued on which made him repeat his words. “I said I’m fine.”

“You already lost so at least go to the infirmary.” Riven whispered to him, to avoid anymore insults from Katarina, who stood near them.

“Save your pity for someone else. I know it felt good to beat me.” Even if he said those words, he still needed no help and he stood firmly, but Riven still held onto him and put Talon’s arm on her shoulders.

“I’m helping you anyway. You’re my new comrade and I dare not leave you if you’re injured.” Pain also struck Riven but the will to help a comrade made her forget she actually is in pain. So she began to walk slowly to the clinic and after they left the arena, the members of the Crimson Elite left as well, including Katarina

They reached the destined place and Riven made Talon sat down on a wooden chair. She closed the doors behind them and the doctor of the infirmary immediately went to Talon. “It’s my first time seeing you bloodied up this badly.” The doctor said and began to do his duty. He began by cleaning the wound to avoid contamination and Riven watched as the doctor slowly took off the upper part of Talon’s clothing. There were some deep cut made by her but surely he’ll live. Riven, on the other hand attended to her wounds on her own. His eyes met Talon’s for a quick beat of a heart. Next, the doctor began by putting a kind of herb and by the look on Talon’s face, it was obviously painful.

Talon bore the pain, like many of them, they were all used to things like this but the sting from the herb made it worse, even though it was guaranteed that the herb would quicken the healing. Rather than focusing on his wound, he focused on Riven who looked so skilled at mending herself. Though it’s quite impressive, he somehow thought that Riven learned it herself because, getting wounded, it happened to her all the time. How could a face like that join the army? Something so beautiful, he thought to himself. Alas, everyone had their reasons and maybe Riven will tell him her reason. It was a strange feeling yet he wanted to develop some sort of friendship, maybe something more. He got caught staring at her and it felt as if time stopped. Though, Talon thought that it’s just because of her face that he’s interested with her. He will get over it soon. As soon as he noticed, the wound was already bandaged up and all that’s left to do is rest. Talon was not allowed to leave the infirmary because walking might make the wound bigger and make it harder to heal. He had no choice but to lie down on a bed provided inside the clinic.

Riven was almost already done and she too sat down to get rest. The only thing left is for the doctor to put some kind of magic to quicken the healing and to avoid scars that may form. The healing will make it look like as if nothing happened to it the first place. But; the magic takes time to work but again, is quicker at healing more than 10 times. Talon, who was across her was on his back with his eyes closed. She thought it would be alright to talk to him. Riven stood up and approached him and later sat down on the bed beside Talon’s own bed. “I apologize if I forced to take you to the infirmary. You seem displeased that I brought you here.”

Talon chuckled in response. “You just ruined my reputation and my dignity. I had the strength to stand up yet a girl carried me to the infirmary, in my view it’s just pathetic for a man like me.” He sighed and opened an eye, with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Hmph. A girl, huh?” She paused to ponder for a moment. “Well, I’m sorry to have bothered you, and have your dignity ruined but excuse me for saying this… I don’t want to leave a comrade behind. At least, if I know I can help, I will.” Her hands found their way to Talon’s forehead, which startled her. “Oh. I’m sorry. It was a habit of mine—“ Riven moved away and sat back down.

He looked suspicious. “Well, it’s alright. As long as it’s you– a habit? What do you mean?” His thoughts led him to think she had someone to take care of. Some other man.

Riven shook her head. “I’m still sorry for destroying your dignity. And; please don’t worry about something as silly as what I did to you. It’s nothing, Talon.” That reminded her of where she’s going to after the petty thing she just did. “Again, I apologize but I have to go.” Immediately she stood up and went outside the infirmary as quickly as possible and left.

“Wait—“ he was too late. “Argh…” He sighed. “Such a weird woman.” After her muttered those words, he too rose to his feet and took his clothes, he too left while the doctor was not looking. As he opened the door, the only thing left for him to see was Riven’s shadow heading to the left side of the place. Maybe it was a secret that Riven hid but Talon was too interested to let it pass. With that thought, he followed her. Riven was in front and Talon knew that his prescence was unnoticeable. Eventually, as he followed, he arrived in front of an orphanage. But; the rumors said Riven had no family left so why is she there? He sneaked and peeked at every window and looked for Riven. When he found her, he saw her sitting beside a little girl who seemed to be sick and saw Riven, held the little girl’s forehead. Now he knew what she meant by habit. He thought it was a lover yet it turned out to be a little orphan girl.

Inside the room, Riven had a conversation with the girl and after a few minutes, she left and said her goodbye. Somehow, when Riven left the orphanage, she “happened” to stumble upon Talon on the way back to the Crimson Elite. “Talon! What are you doing here?” Surprised, she immediately asked. Though she already knew that he followed her.

“I wanted to walk.” He said. That was a terrible lie. His wounds and bruises hurt as if it was bathing in lava. “You see, I find my health improving if I walk around. What are you doing here?” He asked and tried to lean on a nearby wall. Standing up was a task for him.

“Nothing at all. I decided to walk as well.” She gave him a pat on the shoulder as she approached. “The wounds will heal up soon. Now, I need to sleep. I hear  that there will be a mission for me tomorrow and I’d like to gather up some strength. Goodbye.”

“Alright. Goodbye.” He admitted to himself that he wanted to go home and rest as well but he was satisfied because he found out about something, that there’s someone important in Riven’s life. Though he needs to find out who she really is.

(Guyyyys. I’m sorrrrrry. My computer is now literally broken and all my files were removed. Including chapter 11 and 12. </3 I’m busy with college but chapter 11 will come out either this week or the next. I promise.)


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